Welcome to DySES

The civil association called "Association for the Study of the Dynamics of Socio-Economic Systems," DYSES Association-was established on June 4, 2005 at the initiative of a group of researchers in the area, residents in Argentina. Headquartered in Calle 14 No. 1780 (1900) La Plata. Fiscal Code 30-709 599 70-0

Active members 

PRESIDENT - Proto, Araceli Noemí (Argentina)

VICE PRESIDENT - Figliola, Alejandra (Argentina)

SECRETARY - Olivera, Noemí Luján (Argentina)

TREASURER - Sassano, Miryam Patricia (Argentina)

VOCAL HOLDER - Squillante, Massimo (Italy)

VOCAL HOLDER - Garcia Martinez, Ramon (Argentina)

AUDITORS HOLDER - Rodriguez, Dario (Argentina)


The following research centers and scientific associations suponsor the activities of the Association for the Study of the Dynamics of Socio-Economic Systems:

Association Buenos Aires Province of Scientists

Group Study of Social Complexity in the Information Society
Faculty of Law and Social Sciences. National University of La Plata

Laboratory of Complex Systems
Faculty of Engineering. University of Buenos Aires